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ESTUCO IBIZENCO is a product patented in 2002. It is a protective decorative wall covering. (Registration no. P200202007. Trademark no. 2509228, class 19). To analyse and determine the physical and mechanical characteristics of this product, tests were conducted at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Building Sciences in Madrid (Report no. 18.121).

What materials do we use?


This is a surface wall covering with an aged appearance, as if it were slightly timeworn or flawed, made of a combination of natural materials and modern components. It stands out for its quality, elegance, decorative appeal, and timeless beauty.


It is made of marble, resins and stains or coloured natural earth pigments.
The top surface can be finished off with a water-based varnish (glossy, satin or matt) or wax, protecting it from stains. The outcome is a resistant surface that is easy to care for.


How is it applied?


It is applied in thin coats, depending on the required end finish, and it can be used on any surface.


What type of finishes do we offer?


We offer a choice of three finishes:



(Ibizan stucco), with a fine-textured stone.


(Rustic stucco).


(Ibizan stone stucco) – solely for outdoor use, for façades and terraces.

All the products are designed to create continuous surfaces, with no joints, and they are directly applied on site. They can be used both indoors and out, and they have a thickness ranging from 2 to 5 millimetres. Our stuccos do not contain any cement (this is not micro cement), although we also manufacture and apply our own micro cement on special request.

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Other services that we offer:


  • Finishing services
  • Fitting carpets
  • Fitting PVC flooring
  • Fitting rubber flooring
  • Fitting cork
  • Applying micro cement
  • Fitting and sanding laminate wood flooring
  • Fitting floating and solid wood flooring
  • Staining wood
  • Fitting joists

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