About us


In late 1976, I started working for “Moquetas Asan” in Madrid, fitting carpets and PVC and Pirelli rubber flooring. In 1985, I worked for “El suelo de corcho”, a company also based in the capital.


I continued my career in Madrid, this time working for “Madrid Forest” through to 1990, where I fitted cork, laminate wood flooring and floating floors.


In 1990, I set up my own company for the first time, “Modas Jol”, providing finishing services and specializing in carpets, PVC and Pirelli rubber flooring, cork, laminate flooring, floating floors, parquet sanding work, wood staining, and fitting wood joists and planks (solid wood floors) through to 2003.

Work philosophy:

From experience, I can say that good professionals not only work well, but they are also fully familiar with the materials they install and, even more importantly, they take into account the surface to which they are applied.


Careful craftsmanship is also vital, and the work of a skilled professional will never be replaced by machines.


In addition to the above, other factors, like professionalism, punctuality and cleanliness on the worksite, are all fundamental in ensuring good end results. Anyone with a discerning eye will understand exactly what I mean.

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